Ella & Witt

Ella Witt – Vegan Fashion is a project i'm currently heavily involved as a Senior Art Director at VISION UNLTD. CREATIVE WORX. It started as a so called »Garage Project« at VUCX and evolved quickly to an acclaimed Cologne start up in the vegan fashion market. Focussing mainly on footwear, all products are made fair, vegan and sustainable. The brand Ella & Witt is a joint venture of shoe retailer Lyno GmbH and VUCX. Our role at VUCX includes responsibilities for creative direction, art direction, graphic design, branding, packaging design, web design, videography and creation of social media assets. Client: Lyno GmbH & VUCX Agency: VISION UNLTD. CREATIVE WORX GmbH Director: Erçin Filizli © 2017 – 2020 Lyno GmbH & VISION UNLTD. CREATIVE WORX GmbH